This post is about posters and calendars – the results of creative searches for the 2020 “quarantine” year.

In fact, 2020, despite the epidemic, was quite effective:

  • two exhibitions – in February “Paintings with pheromones” and in March “Photo essay on the theme” How I spent my summer “
  • 166 photo stories and 11 backstage videos were published on the website
    more than 400 photosets were filmed in 100 locations (the exact number has not yet been counted)
  • 26 author’s posters, 1 triptych, 2 posters-calendars and 1 multi-page wall desk calendar were published (some of them can already be purchased in our Boutique)
  • he first experience of posing for artists – mine as a nude and Pablo for a portrait
  • on New Year’s Eve, it was decided to open its own permanent exhibition in the city center with a personal visit (in the style of modern quarantine measures)

Pablo Incognito is not only an active nude photographer, he is also a professional graphic designer with over 27 years of experience. He made all the layouts of posters and calendars himself. Their difference from ordinary posters is interactivity:

  • qr codes for photoset and video backstage
  • storyboards of the most spectacular photos
  • author’s verse or reflections on woman and love

That was such an interesting and fruitful year!

Iren Adler

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  1. Игорь
    | Reply

    некоторые QR коды не работают(((. пишут – страницы не существует

    • Pablo

      Спасибо. Знаю, что не работают. QR-коды верные. Просто плакаты ещё не поступили в продажу. Это анонс. Но! Есть способ ускорить появление фотосетов – купите любой плакат (плакаты) и ваш QR-код заработает ранше, чем вы получите ваш заказ по почте! 🙂 😉

    • Pablo

      Думаю, что все фотосеты из представленных постеров и календарей появятся на сайте в январе 2021, равно как и сами постеры в “Бутике”.

    • Игорь

      Тогда пришлось бы приобрести их все, ибо выбрать наиболее красивый – крайне сложная задача))

    • Pablo

      Обо всём можно договориться!

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