A silver wind blew…

Today in the Cabotage harbor in Nikolaev we met… a silver mermaid! She turned into a girl. Long-legged, slender and delicate. A strong warm wind blew, fluttering her reddish hair. And she was not at all embarrassed. Even, it seemed, was glad to our attention…

She has a magic net in her hands. To become a mermaid again, she wraps herself in this net, and instead of legs, the mermaid has a real tail, like a big fish. But we could not see it…

We admired the beautiful nude little mermaid and even took a few photos!

We also shot this video backstage so you can admire how the mermaid moves perfectly:

P.S. On the author’s site of Pablo Incognito, there are also cute little mermaids performed by the young muse Karina Stern:

  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    У этой юной малышки большие перспективы. Она составляет конкуренцию Ирен!
    Прекрасный фотосет и многогранный задний план. Столько деталей в кадре, зависал по несколько минут на каждом фото.
    Браво, Пабло! Браво, Музы Пабло! У вас классная команда!!!

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