A girl in a wet dress or even without it looks incredibly erotic in a warm summer rain!

To organize a photo session in the Nude genre in the rain, you need at least two components — a girl who agrees to pose half–naked or completely naked and the rain itself!

The day before, having learned the weather forecast that it would be warm and rainy, Pablo phoned his muse Karina Stern and offered her a “wet photo adventure” 🙂 And she, Karina, who is always so easy–going, agreed without hesitation!

But the morning turned out to be not so warm — only +17°С! To warm the muse between photo shoots, we took a blanket with us. For additional heat, Pablo turned on the stove in the car to its fullest. In general, for Karina, the photo session that day was very contrasting: cold and wet alternated with dry and hot 🙂

The photo session near the fountain was the final one that morning. By this time the air temperature had risen and Karina calmly posed for Pablo and enjoyed the light rain. You can see it in the photo, right? Write about it in your comments.

Text — Iren Adler

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  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    А вы по настоящему ее намочили? Волосы мокрые, а платье сухое.
    Самые красивые фотографии с зонтом под дождем из тех, что я видел!

    • PabloIncognito

      Платье тоже мокрое! Просто этого не видно в кадре 🙁 . По-настоящему шёл дождь Дождитесь видеобекстейдж, и вы сами всё увидите и услышите!

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