Nude photo sessions in flowers — classics of the genre! A naked girl among yellow sunflowers looks especially bright, defiant and seductive.

Our entire team (I like to call us a gang) had high hopes for this photo trip to the sea…

There were five of us: a maestro, two muses, a second photographer and a backstage player. We prepared a couple of dozen outfits, charged cameras and spare batteries, took with us all the cards that were available and set off on a two-day trip to Odessa in the mood to shoot at least 20 new photosets and videos for them. This usually happens, but not this time 🙁

On the way to Odessa, Pablo felt unwell. Arriving at the place, we decided to change plans and take a rest so that at 4 am to start filming and catch up with lost time. But in the morning Pablo didn’t feel better and had to cancel everything. Health is most important! We decided to go home.

Driving past countless fields with sunflowers, seeing such beauty around, Pablo could not resist and turned onto a country road along the brightest field.

Pablo chose a location for the shooting, settled himself in a car seat to watch his gang in action with an important look. I created the image and directed the whole action. Karina, as always, was at her best, she posed perfectly and fulfilled all my plans. Spinnaker Sale photographed and pretty much tumbled in the road dust (which you can’t do for the sake of a spectacular shot), Returned shot backstage and cheered our young muse with compliments.

The most interesting thing is that we thought we had found a deserted place. It is not visible from the track. But it was not there! Trucks were driven across this dusty dirt road at regular intervals. Having calculated that the intervals between them are 5–10 minutes, we began to shoot.

If you take a closer look at the first photos of the photoset, then you will see trees on the horizon in a dusty cloud — a truck has just passed and we have 5 minutes left for a photo session until the next one appears.

The image of the muse is as bright as a sunflower. A bright yellow beach hat, a green knitted blouse with an elegant pattern, a stylish flower pendant and a spectacular addition — a yellow cup (this is a fetish thing, I love cups in the frame, they add warmth to the image).

We were very pleased with this photo session, as we did not even hope that we would photograph at least something on this trip. It turns out that we did not go in vain 🙂

Iren Adler

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