They are often called models. We are talking about girls posing for a photographer or artist.

I call them – my muses!

When it comes to taking pictures for the modeling business, for advertising, or just for creating pretty photos — no problem. You can even “models”, although it’s a very technical term, as for me. But for creative photography, when I, as an author, communicate, admire and capture my sincere feelings from the beauty, charm and femininity of the one I see in front of me, I cannot call this exciting image otherwise than a muse.

Of course, I ask me to pose (I agree to make a photoset) only the girl that I like. And only in this state of sympathy, adoration, admiration can I at least try to convey living grace using the photography tool.

Bella - nude model of photographer Pablo Incognito


This mysterious stranger appears so often in my creative life and disappears so often that I have already lost count! A romantic and talented person. She is feminine, sweet, independent and strong-willed. I love her willingness to experiment. She is … Прочитайте більше

Jackie Je

A graceful and strong girl. Artist, sportswoman and model! So explosive and emotional… I’m sure she has many more talent too. And I like the way she moves — strong and confident. And she also has a unique profession, you … Прочитайте більше

Iren Adler - nude model, muse of photographer Pablo Incognito

Iren Adler

Iren Adler is my most important muse, beloved wife and business partner. We have two children — a very eldest son and daughter (she started going to school). “My best outfit is my body!” She often repeats. Bathes only on … Прочитайте більше

Irma - nude model of photographer Pablo Incognito


A long time ago, when I had my own small digital photo studio, Iren brought this charming girl to me. I showed her my work, and she gladly agreed to creative photography. There were a lot of photo sessions – … Прочитайте більше

Karina Stern - nude model and muse of photographer Pablo Incognito

Karina Stern

Shtern in German is a star, and, as a star should be, Karina is a very bright girl. With this young adorable girl, or, as our audience dubbed her from a trial photoset, “shy-wallpaper”, I was introduced by our backstage … Прочитайте більше

Catherine Kinn - nude model and muse of photographer Pablo Incognito

Catherine Kinn

Catherine Kinn is the wife of my friend. I met this wonderful couple at one of my exhibitions. As far as I know, recently this happy married couple does not deny themselves the pleasure of taking some crazy photos on … Прочитайте більше

Lilu muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Lilu is the beloved wife of my childhood friend. She appeared in my creative life just at the moment when I was enthusiastically revising the masterpiece of cinema – “The Fifth Element” with my favorite actress Mila Jovovich. I dreamed … Прочитайте більше


Miriam is a Scandinavian–looking girl, positive and courageous. When I posted an ad on Facebook about the search for new muses, she was one of those who responded. In her message, immediately after the greeting, she wrote: “I have long … Прочитайте більше

Nadine - nude model of photographer Pablo Incognito


Nadine is a very interesting and strong–willed girl. She has a wonderful creative character. She seeks her own. And she takes seriously interesting creative ideas. In early 2020, Nadine held a personal photo exhibition of her nude photos made by … Прочитайте більше

Фрейя — модель "ню" и муза Пабло Инкогнито


Freya in Norse mythology — the goddess of fertility, love and beauty. This girl fully corresponds to this image. Fertility is the mother of two adorable children. Love — loves all your friends. Beauty is slender and sporty, and it … Прочитайте більше