Gang, brigade, team, company, friends, family …

This is how nude photographer Pablo Incognito calls people with whom he embodies his ideas, and thanks to whom, you, our viewers, can enjoy the results of erotic photography and video art.

In fact, a photographer and a model are enough for the world to see a photo or video. This is how we began our journey into the world of nude photography — together: the muse (nude model) Iren Adler, who is also a wife, and the maestro (nude photographer) Pablo Incognito. But then (back in 2002) we just had fun (yes, that’s what we had and still have family fun).

And now, when we have an author’s site, there are loving and enthusiastic viewers, a gang of like–minded people, friends, colleagues has appeared, who, just like us, are very anxious and lovingly treat erotica as real creativity!

We present to your attention our entire gang:

Welcome to the family! 🙂

Alina Haus muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito

Alina Haus

Alina Haus is a happy person, an instructor in yoga, stretching and dancing (this is how Alina writes about herself in social networks) … This young … Прочитайте більше

Bella - nude model of photographer Pablo Incognito


This mysterious stranger appears so often in my creative life and disappears so often that I have already lost count! A romantic and talented person. She … Прочитайте більше

Jackie Je

A graceful and strong girl. Artist, sportswoman and model! So explosive and emotional… I’m sure she has many more talent too. And I like the way … Прочитайте більше

Gina muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito


East is a delicate matter! Eastern woman is a mystery! Gina is a petite woman with curvaceous curves and a shock of long luxurious hair. She … Прочитайте більше

Iren Adler - nude model, muse of photographer Pablo Incognito

Iren Adler

Iren Adler is my most important muse, beloved wife and business partner. We have two children — a very eldest son and daughter (she going to … Прочитайте більше

Irma - nude model of photographer Pablo Incognito


A long time ago, when I had my own small digital photo studio, Iren brought this charming girl to me. I showed her my work, and … Прочитайте більше

Catherine Kinn - nude model and muse of photographer Pablo Incognito

Catherine Kinn

Catherine Kinn is the wife of my friend. I met this wonderful couple at one of my exhibitions. As far as I know, recently this happy … Прочитайте більше

Kооlya stylist for nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Have you ever talked to professionals? For example, with lawyers, doctors or programmers… How many terms in their speech did you understand? What am I talking … Прочитайте більше

Lana Liana muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito

Lana Liana

Longtime friend of Iren Adler. They met back in the 1990, when they worked together in a modeling agency. Slender, tall, stately blonde. Fluent in English. … Прочитайте більше

Lilu muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Лілу — улюблена дружина мого друга дитинства. Вона з’явилася в моєму творчому житті як раз в той момент, коли я з захватом переглядав шедевр кіномистецтва — … Прочитайте більше

Merry muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Marry is a fragile and graceful young girl who sometimes looks like a porcelain figurine. A slender figure, refined facial features and natural grace distinguish her … Прочитайте більше


Miriam is a Scandinavian–looking girl, positive and courageous. When I posted an ad on Facebook about the search for new muses, she was one of those … Прочитайте більше

Nadine - nude model of photographer Pablo Incognito


Nadine is a very interesting and strong–willed girl. She has a wonderful creative character. She seeks her own. And she takes seriously interesting creative ideas. In … Прочитайте більше

Pablo Incognito - photo and video New Glamor Pin-ap Burlesque

Pablo Incognito

Erotic photography captured my heart even in my youth! I am sincerely glad that you have looked at my author’s site! Pablo Incognito is my creative … Прочитайте більше

Returned assistant nude photographer Pablo Incognito


They usually say about such people – a young talent. I call him “Wonderwork”, Iren calls him “Funny monster.” His nickname comes from the word “prodigy”. … Прочитайте більше

Spinnaker Sale photographer and friend of Pablo Incognito

Spinnaker Sail

My colleague, old friend and active and cheerful photographer. His whole life is photography. In recent years, sports photography. Go to his website and you … Прочитайте більше

Фрейя — модель "ню" и муза Пабло Инкогнито


Freya in Norse mythology — the goddess of fertility, love and beauty. This girl fully corresponds to this image. Fertility is the mother of two adorable … Прочитайте більше