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I am Pablo Incognito, a photographer, I work in the genres “Nude”, “Glamor” and “Pin-ap“, “Burlesque” I shoot in my style, which I call “Modern Ukrainian social erotica”.

My muse is Iren Adler, the only and unique part-time wife, business partner and “fighting girlfriend”.

Here we openly publish our thoughts on photography and topics that concern us in life: the relationship between man and woman, between the creator and the muses, the photographer and the public. We think about nudity, nudism and freedom.

We are creative people, so we gave the sections of our blog original names:

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How to stop being ashamed of your nakedness and love yourself?

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This question interests almost every person of any age. This question is rarely asked to a psychologist. Sometimes it is discussed with close friends. And very … Прочитайте більше

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