When it is very hot and deserted, men and women in love can have crazy ideas…

It was this idea that arose when we drove past a coniferous forest in the Kherson region. A short walk and a photoset. First glamor, then bottomless, topless and striptease;). And all in denim style! The tanned body of naked Iren Adler looks great not only on the sea sand (сoast), but also in the forest 🙂 .

For this photoset, I have developed a poster 50×70 cm and a calendar for 2021 70×50 cm. There is also a video background showing how the shooting took place 😉 . In the near future I will post all this for your review!

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  1. Kalamari
    | Reply

    Я обожнюю цю прекрасну богиню, її зад – найсексуальніша попа, а все її тіло – нескінченний океан для чоловіка🍑🍑🍑

    • PabloIncognito

      Дуже приємно таке читати! Дякую 😉

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