Lilu muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Lilu is the beloved wife of my childhood friend.

She appeared in my creative life just at the moment when I was enthusiastically revising the masterpiece of cinema – “The Fifth Element” with my favorite actress Mila Jovovich. I dreamed that someday I would have a red-haired muse, similar to the main character of the film.

Bright not only externally, but also in communication, Lilu showed herself already from the first photo session, which, by the way, was initiated by her husband. During photo shoots, he admired and scattered in compliments and tried to help his beloved woman. He participated in every possible way in creating stage images and even tried to tell her how to pose, which distracted me very much. But I am not offended by him, because photo sessions are an emotional and very pleasant process that brings married couples closer together, and photographs are a beautiful bonus.

In the nude genre since 2020.