Of course, this photoset was planned…

We have long ago chosen a place and a yellow tram, since there are several trams in the city. But who could have known that we would have the opportunity to take a couple of steps inside the tram

So, having taken a wait-and-see attitude, we decided that we would just take a picture near the yellow tram, which stands after the next flight around the city. We will have a few minutes for which we will make our funny shots!

A tram came and the driver left the door open and took his handbag, calmly went forward to visit the driver of another tram. They smoked calmly, looking around, but they could not see Iren and me.

Since yellow is a fetish color for us, we had yellow accessories ready in our arsenal: a hat with wide brims, high-heeled sandals, panties, a cup and even a string bag with the most delicious seasonal vegetable — corn.

The plot happened by itself: the girl asks the tram driver to wait, and then, having learned that the tram will stand for a long time, she decided not to waste time and pose for the photographer naked, performing a striptease on the street! Such is erotic surrealism?. Or nude art, whichever you prefer…

We call this style of nude photography «Modern Ukrainian social erotica».

Everything took us a little more than 10 minutes, the driver was in no hurry to drive us away (he saw something or not, we still don’t know), but we had a great time this evening!

There was also a short defile in the tram itself (here we definitely risked being noticed, but nothing happened), but I will publish it later…

2 Responses

  1. M.Aykut
    | Reply

    You are the luckiest photographer I have ever met, because you are working with the most beautiful model Irene.

  2. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Трамвай сокровенных желаний! Покатай меня, КРАСОТКА!
    Если бы я такое увидел своими глазами, я бы дара речи лишился!
    Что то я не там, где надо хожу… Эх!

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