It was a special day…

When I started writing an article for this photoset, for some reason I really wanted to be a little frank about feelings, about personal, about family, about the union of two creative people looking in the same direction.

On August 27, when this set was filmed, we celebrated our small/big anniversary — 27 years of marriage. On this day, in 1993, Pablo and I got married! We were young, in love and full of hope.

Our life has taken place. We are all the same together, we have two children, our own small business, but we constantly want some kind of “madness”, I want to feel life to its fullest, I want to fall in love with each other every day …

So this morning, Pablo said to me:
– Let’s celebrate our holiday with a crazy, provocative, shocking nude photo session in the style of “Pablo Incognito”?
– Lets do it! – I answered.

And we went to a popular place in our city — to Berth 8. Various kinds of events are often held at this location. For example, my favorite social dance school “Salsa Club Nikolaev”  held several “open air” this summer, where dancers from all dance schools in the city could dance salsa, bachata, kizomba (Isabelle & Felicien) in the fresh air on the beach rivers in the company of friends. I also danced, and Pablo took pictures.

So, we arrived at Pier 8 at 11 am. You understand, the place is cult (cultural), there are many people. Besides us, there were a couple of other photographers who took pictures of their models.

Despite the fact that it was Thursday, a lot of people were walking. But next to the pier there is a small square, which is still not crowded and very pretty. There we shot our photo walk with “flashing” :). She is a little more frank than most of the photosets on the site, because I wanted to show in such an original, sexy and frank way: “I love you, my Pablo!”.


Do not be afraid of your sexuality, show it with your loved ones. Seduce, surprise, shock! And in your family album, over time, an original collection of “cute pranks” will be collected.

Once, as they say, we live!

P.S. Now we are passionate about filming a video of my “passages” in the park, on the road, on the bridge, on the steps, and when we have the opportunity, we try to shoot something like that – spicy with peppercorn 🙂 – soon we will start publishing the video, in particular from this photo walk …

Iren Adler

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  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    Вы шикарная модель!!!!!
    И конечно вы очень гармоничная творческая пара с Pablo!!!!!

  2. Lerson
    | Reply

    Вы шикарная модель!!!!!

  3. M.Aykut
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