Kооlya stylist for nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Have you ever talked to professionals? For example, with lawyers, doctors or programmers… How many terms in their speech did you understand?

What am I talking about? Communication with Kule is exactly the same. His speech through the word is filled with brands. fashion brands. For all occasions, he has an interesting story from the world of show business ready. Or he can simply, like a radio, broadcast non-stop, describing everything that happens around. And looking around at this moment, you begin to understand that the world is so beautiful and amazing that you want to live and create!

He is an extraordinary person. He easily and quickly fit into our “gang” 🙂 . We quickly realized that we needed a stylist. And I am especially pleased with how his eyes burn when, during a photo session, Kulya dresses up and takes care of my muses. And the models admit that they dreamed that a man put on shoes for them and picked up outfits.

He also knows how to sew on a sewing machine 🙂 Because he is a professional stylist who worked with Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk and other stars! And now he is a friend and ladies’ man of the Ukrainian photo diva – Irene Adler.

Life is beautiful and amazing and it brings together people who love art – fashion and photography.

And Irene calls Kulya “Mr. Label”. Let this be his second alias. After all, the more good, the better!