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This is a selection of photos and videos where connoisseurs of an elegant and stylish haircut in the bikini area can enjoy watching it …

Have you ever searched the Internet for pictures of haircuts in the bikini area?

Basically, this will be a photo of a completely naked, completely hairless bikini area. Probably, it is very hygienic, but, as for me, not very aesthetically pleasing, “impersonal” (if I can say so about this zone) and boring.

There are also drawings (not photographs!) Of various objects in an intimate place – arrows, hearts, circles, leaves, flowers, patterns that are unrealistic to cut. These ideas are destined to remain only in pictures. Rhinestones and drawings with paints are generally not worth attention. They are unnatural and artificial.

A bikini haircut, like any other haircut, must be learned to do, taking into account the thickness and growth of the hair, the peculiarities of the anatomy, and, of course, with inspiration, as Pablo Incognito does. In addition to photographing nude, he is also a first-class master of intimate haircuts! Live with this news now :) !

Iren Adler

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