An umbrella in an erotic photo session is a piquant accessory. It can gracefully cover the naked body. And you can also walk around the city with it, suddenly it starts to rain or you want to shoot a nice video in the middle of the day…

This shoot was scheduled in advance for Saturday morning. We hoped that on the day off the townspeople would have a rest and we would not meet passers–by. But it turns out there’s a food fair a block away from our location every Saturday.

There were a lot of people and we managed to shoot the story only from the third take. But it’s even good! It turned out 5 more short episodes, which, in addition to the trailer, you can watch on Pablo Incognito’s Vimeo page.

As for me, the green, or rather, the emerald color of the protective structure for pedestrians near the construction site is ideally combined with the bright orange details of my image — high–heeled shoes and a cane umbrella. And the short tunic, which is easily unfastened in front, allowed me to quietly flirt on camera and quickly flash my, as always, stylish bikini haircut 🙂

Attentive viewers will notice in the video how often passers–by appeared in the frame. But, don’t worry, no one saw anything, we always really care about those around us. After all, they go about their business and are not mentally prepared for such an enchanting show 🙂

P.S. It was only the second foray into the nude photo shoot this year. The situation in the country is not particularly conducive, it is very difficult to tune in. But life goes on, and everyone is doing everything to bring our victory closer. For example, we help our viewers to remember that the most important mission of humanity is love.

I will not get tired of repeating: “Men, admire your women, compliment them, take care of them and they will give you real all–encompassing love!”

Yours, Iren Adler

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