Merry muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito


Marry is a fragile and graceful young girl who sometimes looks like a porcelain figurine.

A slender figure, refined facial features and natural grace distinguish her from the crowd of young girls. It seems that the camera loves her and she uses it – she poses calmly and with dignity.

Marry dances High Heels – this is an explosive mix of different dance styles, without rules and frameworks, sheer creatiity in motion. This impresses me very much, I am also a creative person who does not accept restrictions and rules.

So such freedom-loving personalities are attracted to each other in order to create!

He has been trying his hand at the “Glamor” genre since 2021. We haven’t tried “Nude” with Merry yet 🙂

The year of birth of my muse is 1997 (who cares ? )