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How would you react if you happened to witness a nude photo shoot on the street? Confused? Indignant? Interested!

There are two types of nude in public:

Flashing — Inadvertent or deliberate, but delicate partial exposure in public. For example, the wind blew, lifted her skirt. Or the girl opened the flaps of her raincoat to the photographer, under which there is not even linen. This kind of flashing resembles the “Pin–up” genre, as if by chance, only a little bolder…

Public nudity — special nudity in public. For example, a completely naked model boldly poses in the middle of the street against the background or right in a crowd of people. This is closer to the classic non-studio “Nude”.

Pablo Incognito — a photographer of a delicate genre (as he likes to call his work) shoots mostly on the street, but he does it so that passers–by do not have time to notice or even realize that they have witnessed a photo session in the “Nude” genre. And if someone saw, then we consider that he was lucky!

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