Almost a striptease in a remote part of the Victory Park in Nikolaev, on an old metal staircase where passers-by often go!

As usual, after catching a couple of minutes (I’m not joking, look in the additional materials, the photoset really lasted only 2 minutes!), when there was not a soul around, we decided to film this story.

Everything is simple and uncomplicated.

The muse and the maestro went for a walk in the park. Pablo, as a creative person, could not pass by the old metal stairs. It seemed to him textured and the light fell wonderfully on it. And Irene, a real muse, always ready to shoot, did not wear panties for a walk 🙂

That’s what came out of it!

See photos and videos.

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P.S. On the same day, we shot a couple more scenes in this unusual outfit:

  • Checkered columns
  • Checkered Ruins

Check them out too! There is also a video for them – high quality (UHD 4K) and maximum seductiveness 😉 . I’m sure this one will raise your level of emotions! Enjoy!

P.S.S. See also:

Video backstage “Checkered steps. Video.” (2 minutes of seductive 4k UHD video)

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