It was a truly fabulous photo day, during which we shot a lot of colorful and emotional photos!

Click on the “Balovnoe” tag and see what we shot on that warm October day in 2020 at the River Fairy Tale open-air museum, the most luxurious location for romantic photo shoots in the Nikolaev region.

Of the entire series, this photoshoot is my favorite! Why? Because I love purple!

You just look at me. A blouse with beads, a translucent stole, a bracelet, a pendant, leg warmers, shoes, a bag and even handkerchiefs in shades of purple!

What about the purple flowers in the background? They are incredible! I’ll tell you a secret, for the sake of them this purple image was created. Also, in a few days I will buy a gorgeous purple umbrella that we use in other photosets, but that will be a completely different story …

P.S. Many thanks to Alexander for commenting under this photoset: “The last photo is incredible. What a lovely smile.” Now I try to smile more often during photo sessions, and in everyday life too!

Always yours, Iren Adler

P.S. Write comments, thank you very much for it!

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  1. Александр
    | Reply

    Последнее фото улёт. Какая прелестная улыбка.

    • PabloIncognito

      Я вчера тоже сказал Ирен, что это точн о лучшее фото из этой серии 🙂

  2. Мария
    | Reply

    мне очень понравились фото) обожаю этот цвет) но последнее фото очаровательное) улыбка и Ирен вау)))

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