Romantic mood with a cup of coffee…

What does a woman dream about when she wakes up?

Summer. Early morning. Lana went out to the veranda to drink a cup of aromatic coffee. Thoughts of last night brought her back to fond memories. She remembered what a “mean girl” she was.

She smoked. And she wanted to fool around again…

A short dressing gown favorably emphasizes the slenderness and muskyness of her legs. The plunging neckline demonstrates the natural breasts of a woman who is confident in her attractiveness and irresistibility.

“We live one life!” — with this motto, Lana turns on her favorite track on her phone and arranges an exquisite striptease for her beloved

P.S. But she looks like Marilyn Monroe! Externally. Habits. And how elegantly she poses for the photographer… Do you agree with me?

Text — Iren Adler.

3 Responses

  1. Boris
    | Reply

    Найкраща сессія на мій погляд…

  2. Andrii
    | Reply

    Атмосферно.. наче з якогось кіно чи оповідання)

    • PabloIncognito

      Так і є… Атмосфера була творча, приємна, ранішня.

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