How do adult girls have fun when they visit each other?

Some discuss pie recipes. Others “wash the bones” for their husbands. And we were going to play poker. But since we don’t know how to play, we decided to shoot this crazy story. Yes, they were so carried away that they posed for Pablo for four episodes:

In fact, when Lana opened the suitcase full of cards and chips, I felt like I was in a gangster movie. Lana said she remembered the feeling she had in a casino in Las Vegas (she used to go there when she lived in the USA). So we were carried away and swirled by a romantic–erotic mood…

At first, as expected, everything started decently. Two stylish, charming and attractive ladies dressed up in exquisite outfits. What could be more elegant black transparent dresses on a naked body and shoes with high heels.

After drinking a little whiskey from crystal glasses (actually it was tea 🙂 ), we decided to smoke. But an ordinary cigarette is bad manners. Mushtuk and cigar — stylish, erotic and enchanting! A beautifully smoking woman looks brutal and that makes her even more attractive. After all, some men like dominance 😉 !

We got tipsy not from whiskey or cigar smoke, but from each other. If there was a strip club nearby, we would go there to stuff a couple of bucks into the underpants of delicious strippers. But we do not have such a club, and the time is not right now (if you want to understand why, look at the date of the shooting, it is in the information under the photoset).

We decided to arrange dancing on the table and striptease on our own. Moreover, striptease is the basis of Pablo Incognito’s style. He loves to shoot how a woman undresses. And if she does it gracefully, then he will be able to shoot a perfect and interesting photo and video story.

To be continued…

Text — Iren Adler

P.S. Publications will be published every day at 20:00 (Kyiv). There will also be four series of video backstage for these photo shoots.

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