This was the second such exhibition organized by the Russian Drama Theater. And the name of this project is also theatrical — “Amploua“.

I got into this project by accident. Pablo had a dream to photograph the story of Sherlock, but not in a classic look with a pipe by the fireplace, but in a modern and certainly with Irene Adler in a “combat outfit”. Professional showmen were my partners. The idea was announced in advance and a recommendation was given to watch the episode from the English TV series “Sherlock”, which was called “A Scandal in Belgravia” (second season, first episode).

The shooting day came. First, the theater make-up artist gave me a haircut like the real Irene in the film, and our resemblance to her became real. Then we arrived at the Atlantis beauty salon. This building with a unique interior – rich decoration, chic furniture, antique fresco on the entire wall, a real huge fireplace. One of the halls perfectly suited us for Irene Adler’s apartment, just like in the film where she hosted Sherlock and Watson.

Pablo and I arrived in 15 minutes. Our heroes did not keep themselves waiting long either. They were in a fighting mood and put on their best suits. Pablo showed them on his laptop a fragment of the film, the plot of which we needed to act out. Everyone took their places – Sherlock on the couch, Watson at the entrance. Pablo commanded: “And now Irene comes in!” … and unzipped my dress.

The dress fell down and I was left in only red stiletto heels. The effect was like in the movie – Sherlock opened his mouth, Watson was embarrassed. To be honest, I also felt embarrassed, but I am a “real” actress, and I took a step towards Sherlock … Then all the participants in the photo story, overcoming their embarrassment, did everything the maestro said.

We photographed our version of the legendary Sherlock with a local Nikolaev flavor. And we had a great time: joking, laughing, trying to be serious. All our emotions were caught by the lens of the camera.

The photo story turned out to be emotional, spectacular and, of course, provocative! And 5 days later, the opening of the “Amploua–2″ exhibition took place in the blue hall of the Russian Drama Theater. 20 invited heroes, 15 theater artists were involved in creating images. And, undoubtedly, one of the most striking and challenging was the plot of “Sherlock”. And is it clear why?

Iren Adler

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  1. Iv
    | Reply

    Хотелось бы оказаться на их месте

    • Editor

      Для этого надо быть актёром… У вас всё впереди!

  2. Саша
    | Reply

    Real Iren Adler! Holmes.

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