Alina Haus muse and model of nude photographer Pablo Incognito

Alina Haus

Alina Haus is a happy person, an instructor in yoga, stretching and dancing (this is how Alina writes about herself in social networks) …

This young Asian girl attracted me with her cheerfulness and grace. I always have tender feelings for dancing girls, my wife also dances kizomba and bachata.

Dance “High Heels” performed by Alina won me over. Firstly, I adore high heels (it’s easy to see, many of my muses are on stiletto heels), and secondly, this dance is a mix of dance styles, there are no clear rules and rigid frameworks in it, it was created for those who love freedom and experimentation …

Alina, like all my muses, is an extraordinary personality, freedom-loving and independent. In our first photo session (although we did not shoot nude), I realized that she is my future muse!

She has been trying his hand at the Glamor genre since 2016. “Nude” hasn’t been filmed yet 🙂

The year of birth of my muse is 1998 (who cares ? )