This photoset can rightfully be attributed to the “Red Wind” collection. The red cloth in the hands of a naked girl, developing in the sky, creates incredible figures – an erotic image of a tamer not only of men, but also of the air element.

Early summer.

Time of photo sessions in poppies. All local photographers who shoot glamorous portraits and love stories are in search of successful poppy locations. This is some kind of madness! ..

I also really wanted nude photos in poppies, and, of course, without clothes – in my “combat” outfit!

But for Pablo, an ordinary field with poppies is too ordinary a location. Here I disagree with him, one of my favorites is the “Queen of Poppies. 14+. “. This photoset does not even have an age limit of 18+, it was filmed in the genres of “Glamor” and “Pin-up”, but it seems to me that in terms of sexuality, frankness and eroticism, it is not inferior to many series in which there is a striptease (full nudity).

He wanted a diverse location. Returning from another nude photo session, quite by accident, at the entrance to the city, in the distance, we noticed poppies on the railway embankment. Lots of red poppies and rails! Eureka!

A naked girl walking along the rails looks very erotic. And if you add some accessories … In our case, it is a five-meter red fabric, sandals and a mask are also red.

This “Incognito” (hiding face) photoset is ideal for models who want to shoot in “nude” style, but do not want to show their face for some reason. I am not ashamed to show my face, but the mask was needed to finish the “mysterious” image. And red is my favorite color.

Gathering our thoughts, mood and outfits, we arrived at the place with the desire to photograph “another masterpiece of erotic art”. When Pablo was taking test photographs, a freight train passed. The machinist, seeing the photographer and the girl wrapped in red cloth, understood everything, waved his hand and signaled to us.

Such a good-natured reaction of casual viewers cheers us up, and we are sure that not only us ?.

The rails had excellent views: on the one hand – the urban landscape of the car market and warehouses with power transmission towers, on the other – green trees to the horizon and blue sky. Choose any direction – you get a great picture.

The wind was very strong that day. He simply pulled the fabric out of his hands. Swirling, the fabric created whimsical shapes. Every now and then she rose up and burst out like a scarlet sail, and literally knocked me down, or enveloped my body, which made me get entangled in it.

Pablo did not get lost, took many excellent angles, where the outlines of a naked female body are visible and hidden: long legs, rounded hips, bare back … There is, of course, a photo where nothing is covered. Now he will have something to do in the coming time – to develop and sort hundreds of photos. Oh, not an easy job for a nude photographer!

Pablo also designs author’s erotic posters. Photos from this photoset are used in the poster “Red and Frank“, which you can buy in our “Boutique” for your personal collection or as a gift, for example, to a person who has everything or a real lover of erotic art.

You can also watch a four-minute video video backstage, plunge into the atmosphere that was when this photoset was filmed and even hear gusts of wind. Admire the sheer feminine beauty and grace.

Iren Adler

Link to video backstage. See how it was:

Video backstage nude photo sessions on the rails. Nude photographer Pablo Incognito

Link to the author’s poster:

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