Nude photo session in an art gallery on the Namyv.

Namyv is the youngest and most densely populated area in the western part of Nikolaev, created artificially.

Why does it have such a strange name? I think, because of the mechanized process of the same name — “namyv”, with the help of which it was created. In simple words, this area was covered with sand taken nearby from the bottom of the Southern Bug River. Thus, the width of the river became smaller, and the depth of the river and the land area became larger.

Once upon a time, in the 70s of the XX century, taking into account the implementation of the master plan for the development of the city, local authorities began to create an alluvial territory. Now more than 50 thousand people live on this territory of 130 hectares! The infrastructure is developed here: supermarkets, shops, a market, schools, kindergartens, there is even a sports complex.

Public transport has been organized. You can come to the Alluvium without a change from almost any area of ​​the city. The distance from the center is just over 6 kilometers.

The main difference of the Alluvium from other urban areas is a very long embankment with beaches, cafes, gazebos and playgrounds. And on the very edge of the Namyvskaya Spit there is even a tiny nudist beach with sand sifted from shells and pebbles and friendly regulars. We were there a couple of times and personally checked it 🙂 !

In fact, the Alluvium in this photoset is presented three times:

  • I am a girl from Namyv. I grew up in the area. Childhood memories are very vivid. We ran as a children’s company from morning till night on construction sites, jumped in pits, played “robber cowboys”, made carbide bombs and chewed tar… I wonder how we generally survived in such conditions? 🙂
  • “Namyv” — this is the name of the picture of the modern Nikolaev artist Vasily Nikitin, near which I posed, I liked the most of those presented at his personal exhibition “Red Horizon” (pay attention to the red line that permeates all his canvases, and to my red ribbon on the neck — the idea is the same, the implementation is different).
  • Art space “Gallery” on the Namyv, where the artist’s exhibition was held and we held nude photo sessions near many of his paintings, is also located in this area, in the elite residential complex “Riviera”. A modern and atmospheric place. Later (in November 2019, on his birthday), Pablo Incognito will also hold here his most stylish, large–scale and spectacular exhibition of nude photography “Iron-concrete provocation”.

P.S. Now we live in another picturesque area (Bogoyavlensky Avenue, Peredny Siversov lighthouse) and also near the river. But that’s a completely different story…

Iren Adler

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