Family fun – nude photo.

In 2002, when Pablo got his hands on a digital camera (a friend lent him a couple of days), that’s when our family’s passion for strawberry photography began.

No matter how happy the young people are, if only they were together!

Of course, photos of years look naive and, in some places, awkward, but that’s what makes them attractive. We call these photos – RETROEROTICS or OUR VINTAGE NUDE PHOTOS.

In 2004 we had a rest in the Crimea, near Alushta, in a tent town thanks to which we fell in love with rest on the nature (it appears, even in a tent it is possible to have a rest comfortably, the main thing – to prepare for it correctly).

The era of film cameras was coming to an end, “digitalists” were already “advancing”, but the habit of saving shots was still strong. Pay attention to the technical information below:

  • Date and time of the start of shooting: 2004.06.12–17 (7 days off!)
  • Total shots: 36 (only 36 shots taken!)

From these 36 frames, a small collection of 19 photographs from different locations was obtained. We just walked around the tent camp near Alushta and took crazy photos. From these photos you can see that that year we had a great rest 🙂

Today, Pablo does not save shots and sometimes shoots up to 100 frames per minute. And then for a long time sorts, selects and publishes the most successful and interesting in the Pablo Incognito Gallery – spoiled 🙂

P.S. If you are interested in which photo session it all started with, click on the link “First photo session“, look at the photos and read the description. It will be interesting! 😉

Iren Adler

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