I was shooting then with my first digital camera Nikon Coolpix 4500

At the dawn of our creativity (it was the summer of 2003), when shooting in the nude genre was still just our family entertainment, we filmed such scenes – naive, mischievous, but, of course, emotional! As the saying goes “young – unripe” 🙂

It was only later, after 18 years, when we decided to show our work to the public and organized the first personal exhibition of nude photographer Pablo Incognito (in June 2019), we understood how our humorous hobby evolved into real collective creativity (muses, second photographer , video backstage, location owners). But the naivety and mischief remained! And we cherish them 🙂

Sometimes we wonder, what is the difference between our photosets and most traditional nude photos? But what:

  • No retouching! Well, or almost without it. Cleaning the background from street debris under the model’s feet and choosing and editing a preset for development does not count! The body of a nude model is not exposed to the so-called fashionable now “Instagram filters” (only bruises and scars are removed, and that is not always the case).
  • Idea! In our portfolio, many photosets consist of a series of photographs in which a certain action, plot, story unfolds. Most often it is seduction, flirting or striptease. Everything is simple and straightforward.
  • Without staging! Pablo shoots what he sees and asks the muse to move in the direction of a random or specially conceived scenario. Yes, he has to shoot a lot of shots. But the photos that he took away are “lively” and emotional.
  • Emotions! They are everything to us! If the photos do not evoke simple human feelings – interest, embarrassment, delight, adoration, desire (then you can continue the list yourself), otherwise the photos will cease to be “alive”.
  • Aftertaste! It is very important what we think about all the time when we prepare our photo stories for publication on the site, what kind of aftertaste the viewer will have after viewing our gallery. Will the viewer want to continue viewing the photo, will he watch our Portfolio, will he start each new day with viewing a “fresh” photoset from Pablo Incognito?
  • Mission! We are periodically asked the same question: “Why are you doing this?” We answer: “It’s very simple! We show how a man can love and admire a woman by photographing her. Everyone does it in their own way, we do it through the author’s site. And the most interesting thing is that there are already many married couples in our fan club. This is proof that love is the most important part of our life!”.

P.S. Those who are attentive noticed that in these “Crimean” photos I have traces from a swimsuit. Considering the “age of the photo”, they probably look cute, but … ugly 🙁
If you have ever thought, or at least dreamed of a nude photo shoot, then you need to take care of a beautiful tan in advance. It is not so difficult to get it, as it seems at first glance, there are solariums, balconies and nudist beaches (believe me, there are a lot of them 🙂 ). Everyone chooses the best for himself!

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    Очень хорошие фото!

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