It was a photo day, which consisted of photo sessions of two photographers working in the nude genre: my Pablo Incognito and his colleague and friend, the talented Slava Poseday.

Initially, I arranged a photoset with Slava. I had to implement her idea, which she was preparing for her personal exhibition. The peculiarity of this photographer is that, as a rule, she takes pictures of models completely naked, except that only shoes can remain as an outfit. The location that Slava chose was a cascade of old staircases in the Kommunar sanatorium, which had not been operating for a long time. The place is very picturesque, therefore, loved by almost all Nikolaev photographers. The sanatorium is located on the banks of the Southern Bug River in the area of ​​the Yacht Club.

We met at 9 am and went to the place where Slava filmed me for her story. It was very interesting to pose. She works with models in a completely different way than I was used to… At the end of the shooting, hearing from Slava’s praise: “Irina, you are beautiful!”, We were both pleased!

Next on the plan is Pablo’s photo session. Slava offered herself as a videographer and filmed the backstage of all the photosets. She did it very well. She watched with genuine interest, commented on what was happening and admired me, which I really liked and encouraged me. We filmed several sets on the territory of the sanatorium.

Orange Sun was one of many sets that day. When we started shooting, we met friends – a married couple our age with their son and his girlfriend. We exchanged a few words with them, said that we were going to be photographed in the “nude” genre. But they did not fully understand us and decided to watch the process. Pablo decided to once again communicate our intentions: “We will photograph a NAKED girl!” But our friends only laughed, they thought we were joking. And then I took off my cape and remained in my “combat” outfit. Friends “blew away like the wind” 🙂

Now we were able to do our favorite “shameless” 🙂 business. I am in an orange top with a porcelain glass in orange “clothes”. The sun was almost at its zenith, the shadows were “hard” with overexposures and deep shadows. Many photographers do not like this kind of light, it “reveals” all the flaws in the figure. Pablo just takes a lot of pictures to catch not only a good pose, but also a beautiful light!

Then we enjoyed the process, now we invite you to admire the result of our creativity.

Also on the site you can see two more photosets of this day:

I hope you enjoy everything we do!

Iren Adler

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