The color of this photo day was supposed to be black and white… But it turned out to be pink 🙂

The idea was as follows — to shoot several paired photo stories, where one muse (Iren Adler) is all in white, the other (Bella) is in black. Good and evil. Yin and Yang. Black and white…

We started at 5 am — the most ideal time for nude photo shoots in the open air in the city!

We filmed the first photo story — “Black and White at Dawn” at Pier 8 (a popular vacation spot — noisy and active). Then we moved to the Dry Fountain (a favorite place of the townspeople, but quiet and calm) and shot the second photo story — “Games in the old park“.

Look at both stories, they are like two episodes of one erotic series about pink women’s dreams 🙂

Having changed into other black and white dresses, at 06:15 we started shooting this photo story (Pablo will give it the name “Pink Tango” later, when he will sort and prepare for publication on the site).

We played bosom friends who hung out all night in the club and in the morning returned home through the park and met a photographer who was not taken aback and invited them to take pictures. Still under the influence of champagne, they decided to smell a little…

Everyone is interested in how girls feel when they touch each other (and do not say that you have never had these thoughts in your life!). This is not only pleasant, but also very exciting. Gentle, barely perceptible touches of female fingers, made goosebumps run through the body — from the place where they touched the roots of the hair and toenails.

When Pablo was preparing this summer photoset for publication, it was winter outside, it was snowing, and a storm warning was reported in the city. In fact, the weather was bearable. But the general depression from the pandemic plus the worsening weather did not contribute to the joy.

Pablo really wanted to cheer up his audience. Going through the 2020 photosets, he came across this photo shoot. Here lively and vivid female emotions burst out of the monitor screen. This black and white story has a completely pink tint! He called her that 🙂 .

In life, Iren and Bella are friends. Each has a beloved man. But this does not prevent them from embodying female love in the photo (or fantasies — Pablo’s note 🙂 ) in a pink tango…

Turn on this tango melody in YouTube music (follow the link) and view the entire photoset, leafing through the photos to the beat of the melody. You will definitely feel the rhythm and, possibly, the emotions that Pablo Incognito’s muses (Iren Adler and Bella) had in this photo shoot…

It turned out to be a real “Pink Tango”!

Iren Adler

If you are interested in “live” to see how it all happened, watch the video backstage to this photoset:

Pair nude photo session. 2 girls topless. Video backstage. Photographer Pablo Incognito

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