Nikolaev is such an amazing city that sometimes, at dawn, you can see two beautiful ladies in light dresses. One is completely in white, the other is in black.

Girls chat and admire the morning landscape. But the morning is so calm and light that they decide to take off their clothes and feel this air with their whole bodies!

Only seagulls and… fishermen who were fishing nearby were witnesses of what was happening. But fishermen are amazing people. They respect silence and tranquility so much that they seemed to notice nothing at all but fishing rods ?

Iren and Bella in the life of a friend. Therefore, they are good at pair photography. During photo shoots, they perfectly interact with each other and they do this so delicately, aesthetically and erotically, enjoying the process.

When my friends first saw this photo session, everyone said something like: “This is the first time I see a photo where two girls are undressing and hugging, and it doesn’t look vulgar!”.

I am very proud that my favorite muses inspire my fans, many of whom are women.

Also watch the 10-minute video backstage for this photoset:

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    Прекрасный дуэт. Естественно позируют. Браво музам и маэстро!

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