The photoset is inspired by the fashion and atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, when ladies looked especially coquettish and charming in dresses with fringe or with fringes, with headbands with feathers on their heads, with a long string of pearl beads, long gloves and fur coats…

I would say that this photo story is a continuation of the “Black and White at Dawn” photoset. Not only because they were both photographed on the same day. But also because the main heroines of this photo story in the style of “Glamorous Nude” – Iren and Bella, are also dressed in black and white dresses.

We had a lot of fun when we posed for this plot. In general, all of Pablo’s photography takes place in a friendly atmosphere. He never strains the models, does not require them to get into an uncomfortable position and stand in it until the body cramping :). On the contrary, he gives complete freedom to his muses. We move the way we want, how we feel our body and how we understand the image.

The square on the Dry Fountain was not crowded. The janitor concentrated sweeping the street. A couple of passers-by with dogs passed. Everyone was busy with their own business. Nobody paid attention to us. What’s so surprising? It’s just that two girls in revealing outfits (or even without them :)) pose for a nude photographer at 5:45 am – a common event for Nikolaev and for this area in particular :).

As one of the many connoisseurs of our creativity said (“fan club” is what Pablo calls these people), there are three attractions in Nikolaev – Pablo Incognito, beautiful girls and the best zoo in Ukraine. And, mind you, Pablo comes first! 🙂

These, like many other photos of Pablo, may seem very openly to many. But such is his work – to evoke vivid emotions in the viewer!

Iren Adler

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  1. Саша
    | Reply

    Фантастические девушки! И фотограф правильный!

  2. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Неожиданно! Нестандартные девушки. Настоящие и обаятельные.

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