Wet T–shirt competition is the most popular and spectacular erotic show in the summer at sea.

When young people gather at some music festival, it would be strange if they did not arrange folk beauty contests. If you search Google for information about the wet T–shirt contest, you will see that in some photos the girls show off in branded T–shirts with the Cosmopolitan or Playboy logos. This ad is very successful! 🙂 I, as an advertiser with 25 years of experience, would also do my advertising like this 🙂

It is interesting that some participants, in order to definitely win or just in a fit of passion, ended their performance with a striptease (not full nudity, only topless). Such an emotional action!

Honestly, I also like the feeling when wet fabric hugs the body. I like it when spicy details of the female body are visible through the wet transparent. I have long wanted to shoot in a nude photo session in wet clothes.

This is not my first attempt to be photographed in a wet blouse. There were others — successful and not very successful. As it turned out, to get spectacular shots you need a blouse made of very thin fabric. And I bought it!

I am a nudist! I don’t like swimwear. I have repeatedly written about this in the texts for photosets and in articles.

First, I think they are very harmful to women’s health. Because after bathing, swimsuits dry for a long time and the parts of the body under them freeze, even in the midday summer heat.

Secondly, it turns out an ugly uneven tan, white spots on a beautiful body — unaesthetic, this is my opinion.

So, when we were filming this story, I caught myself thinking that swimming in a blouse made of the thinnest fabric is very pleasant. From the streams of water, it sways and, as it were, caresses your body. And when you get out of the water, the fabric sticks to your wet body, as if hugging you.

While filming was going on, the residents of the nudist tent city were watching closely. This is the only place where we do not hide from the audience (on the streets or in public places, we always choose the moment when no one is around or people are far away from us).

The inhabitants of wild beaches are the same as we are — naked in body and open in soul. We are on the same wave!

We have already published photosets where I swim naked — “Swimming Iren” and “Swimming Iren, evening” But in a wet blouse, I think I look even more erotic than completely naked. What do you think?

P.S. After the shooting was over, our audience even applauded me. I felt like a star! 🙂

Iren Adler

Thanks for the comments!

  • Muse, costume designer: Iren Adler
  • Producer, idea, director, location, photo, video, video editing, photo processing: Pablo Incognito

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  1. gf
    | Reply

    Как всегда замечательно, эротично, тонко и изысканно. Мокрая блузка — классно!!

  2. kalamariandbeer
    | Reply

    we love her pussy shave style

  3. Walter
    | Reply

    Einfach umwerfend, was Mann mehr.

    • PabloIncognito

      Danke schön! Ich hoffe es hat dir gefallen 😉

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