What is the best location for a nude photo shoot?

For a real, ideological, creative nude photographer — absolutely anyone!!!

And the more unexpected it is, the more effective the result will be…

Pablo, seeing many huge pipes of incredible blue color, beautifully lying (if I can say so about water pipes) just on the city beach, decided that he needed to take pictures of them as soon as possible.

The city decided to conduct water supply to the Varvarovka microdistrict. The project is complex and large–scale. These blue pipes were supposed to be laid along the bottom of the river. And the river in our city is wide and deep. A lot of pipes were brought in and piled on the shore, waiting for installation.

Having decided not to postpone the idea for a long time, the next morning we arrived at the place. On one side of the beach, construction workers were unloading materials and noisily discussing something. On the other hand, no less noisy company was resting. Cars rumbled nearby (the Odessa–Nikolaev highway runs 50–70 meters away)…

As usual, the atmosphere is not relaxing 🙂 But we are no strangers! Chose a location. I changed into a pre–selected outfit. I really wanted to emphasize the incredible color of the pipes. The image of the heavenly color — a cape dress, blue woven sandals on a high platform and, as an accent, a belt of bronze flowers decorated with multi–colored threads, in my opinion, turned out to be spectacular.

Initially, the idea was to gracefully walk through the pipes in high-heeled shoes. But, to be honest, I did not dare. I even had to balance on a stable platform. But in addition to a spectacular walk, it was also necessary to arrange a gentle outrageous striptease 🙂

Apparently, my striptease turned out to be really hot, since Pablo prepared all the photos rich and in a high key. In the photo you get an airy lady, fluttering in the transparent air and in the brilliant rays of the sun.

What emotions do you feel when looking at these photos?

Iren Adler

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  1. kalamari
    | Reply

    Iren,I love your whole body, especially your gorgeous butt & and sexy geometric pussy shave

    • Iren

      It makes me happy to know that you appreciate my photos.
      But my heart has been stolen by Pablo and I do everything I can to make him happy in life and in his art.
      You’re my fan and I wish you to have a lovely woman by your side.

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