Until that day, we had no idea that there is a nudist beach in our city… Thanks to our fans.

Our good friend offered to join their friendly company and sunbathe naked on the edge of the spit on the Namyv. I grew up in the area, but I didn’t know there was a nude beach there.

Usually, to relax on a wild beach, we overcome almost 100 kilometers — we go to the town of Yuzhny in the Odessa region. But it turns out that you can sunbathe without leaving the city.

We agreed to meet on the spot. August in our area is usually the hottest summer month. After a working day (it was Thursday) we went to the Namyv. The townspeople fled from the heat as best they could. It seemed that the whole city was sitting in the water.

It took a long walk to the end of the spit, the beach is very long. There were so many people that sometimes it was necessary to wade between the litters. When we arrived at the place, we were surprised that on this small piece of the beach, closed from prying eyes — on both sides by reeds, and on the third side — by thickets of olives, there was snow–white sand and absolutely no shells and pebbles!

Friends told us that visitors to this beach are constantly sifting through the sand. In general, this beach was very clean. And comfort is the basis of quality rest! To be honest, the nudist beaches are really cleaner than the usual ones.

We chatted warmly with our friends and our friends’ friends 🙂 . And, of course, we decided to take a photo, a very beautiful picture was in front of our eyes — a golden sunset, a blue river, green reeds, a white sailboat and even sportsmen on the boards…

Our friends watched the photo session with curiosity, which lasted long enough, as much as 17 minutes!!! Usually our photosets are short, and last from 3 to 10 minutes, there are even one minute! The specificity of the genre obliges, you need to have time to shoot a photo story while no one sees it. And if someone from the passers–by noticed us, then we think that they were very lucky 🙂 , not everyone is far from seeing with their own eyes such a spectacle as a nude photo shoot 🙂

P.S. Our friends, inspired by our photo session, also took photos of each other 🙂 . Here is our contagious example!

Iren Adler

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  2. Iv
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    На эти фото можно смотреть вечно

  3. Николай
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    красивая фото сессия, ослепительная модель и замечательный фотограф!!!

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