This beach nude photo session is a continuation of the longest photo day at the time of this publication (which began on 09/07/2019 early in the morning and ended late in the evening) and the online exhibition “One Day Photo” (published on the website 03.29 — 11.04.2021).

This photoset is also a logical continuation of the previous “Swimming Iren” (click on the link!).

It was a wonderful day, rich in impressions and emotions. I sunbathed and swam, swam and sunbathed. And between these very important activities, and sometimes in the process, I was photographed. Pablo and his friend, a sports photographer, filmed all the photosets of that day in two cameras, so they turned out to be spatial and multifaceted.

And then I ate mussels and rapana, caught by nudists right there in the sea and cooked over the fire. With them we shot a provocative photoset “Sushi-Girl” (click on the link!), in which the inhabitants of the nudist tent camp took part. Oh, for them it was unexpected and exclusive entertainment!

Despite the fact that the September sun is more affectionate than, for example, the July sun, I still managed to “burn out”. The proof of this is the “Warm Evening near the Lake” photoset (click on the link!). Look how pink I am 🙂 in the photo 🙂

I am a nudist with 25 years of experience. This can be seen in my tan without white spots from the swimsuit. I don’t even remember when I was wearing a swimsuit. About five years ago, when I went to the pool (unfortunately, they are not allowed into the pool without a swimsuit :))

Going to the sea in summer is a pleasure, but sunbathing and swimming naked is quite another, comparable, perhaps, with a piece of cake and a cup of your favorite coffee 🙂 I just love sweets very much, but a little!

Iren Adler

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