“Sushi Girl” is a naked girl adorned with seafood.

The idea of ​​Pablo Incognito to shoot a photoset on the theme of “Sushi Girl” plunged me into thought. As it will be? But, I decided to trust him – so he was confident in himself.

That day we packed up, loaded into the car, and, taking several outfits, drove off. We had a friend of Pablo, also a photographer, who professionally shoots sports events: rhythmic gymnastics, rallies, ballroom dancing … everything that is constantly moving and moving very quickly. He agreed to be the second photographer, because photographing “nude” is still fun – exciting and exclusive.

In fact, the Sushi Girl photoset was one of twenty photosets taken that day. But these are completely different stories, which will gradually be published on the site, you can not only see photos, but also read stories.

So, after making many sets along the way, we arrived at the place – a nudist beach in the city of Yuzhnoye, Odessa region. This is a paradise where you can sunbathe and swim naked, without hiding, without hesitation, just chat with the same naked people on interesting everyday topics.

On this day, the “natives” living in the naturist camp specially caught two buckets of mussels. They were cooked in a pot over a fire and smelled delicious. The main course was cooked!

Cucumbers, tomatoes and lemon were also sliced. “Everything is ready, you can start!” – commanded Pablo. He laid me down on a rookery, which he himself did prudently: to make it comfortable for me to lie, he put a karemat underneath, and to make it beautiful, he covered the karemat with a long piece of red organza.

I lay down. On my naked body (chest, belly, thighs, legs) Pablo began to carefully lay out mussels and vegetables. The only rapan found its place in the most important place – in the bikini zone (on my stylish bikini-haircut). For contrast and beauty, he drew wavy lines with mayonnaise that completed the composition.

The inhabitants of the nudist town took an active part – some with deeds and some with advice. Everyone perked up when they saw the result. Pablo commanded: “Everyone stretched out their grabbing arms to her!” Everyone did just that and got the most interesting photo!

Looking ahead, I will say that in the near future, we have a Fruti-Girl in our plans … A naked girl decorated with fruits…

Iren Adler

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