Surely every girl has such summer photos from the beach. The only difference is that she is not naked on them …

I am Iren Adler. Nude model and favorite muse of nude photographer Pablo Incognito. I have been a nudist for over 25 years. I don’t have a swimsuit in my wardrobe. No, I’m cunning, there is one, I only need it in one case, if I go to the pool!

On the sea, we go exclusively to wild or nudist beaches. We really like this kind of vacation. Usually nude beaches are cleaner than city ones. Visitors and residents are more welcoming. It’s safer for a beautiful girl on such beaches (from personal experience).

From memories…

Once we were vacationing in Yuzhny. Three young and pretty girls came to our tent city. They modestly set up their tent a little further from the rest, swam and sunbathed.

And in the late afternoon, a drunk man in swimming trunks wandered into our town. Seeing three naked nymphs, he decided that they would be happy with his company, began to pester them, grabbing their hands and not only.

Men from our camp, seeing such an outrage, popularly explained to this unwanted gentleman that he had made a mistake on the beach and asked him to leave. There was no fight, he went looking for adventure on the city beach.

The girls were offered to move the tent closer to the town. Everyone calmed down and continued to enjoy the sea, sun and companionship. Like this!

I am not agitating to become nudists! But if you ever decide to swim naked on a deserted beach, you will never forget this magical sensation of water flowing all over your body.

You will understand how pleasant it is to dry completely without feeling a wet swimsuit, under which it becomes cold.

I am sure that after such a bath, some of you will nevertheless decide to go over to our “bright” side 🙂 You are welcome!

If you have already tried to sunbathe naked, write to me in the comments, I am very interested in your impressions and sensations!

Iren Adler

4 Responses

  1. Сергій
    | Reply

    Так, було купання голяка, але більш подобається вночі

    • PabloIncognito

      Вночі теж чудово купатися!

  2. Сергей
    | Reply

    Так купаюсь только в басейне в дома. Очень нравится, желание есть.
    Но среди природы в открытой местности и публичной, сила воспитания – стеснением
    берёт верх.
    Фото и модель супер…
    Вам респект.

    • PabloIncognito

      Это можно устроить ранним утром, в будний день. Час и 100 км дороги, 40 минут пешая прогулка по кромке берега, купание в тихой безлюдной бухточке, дорога назад, заряд бодрости на неделю! И всё это можно проделать со своей любимой, вдвоём. Подробности маршрута сообщу!

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