While I was preparing this truly dizzying photoset, listening to music, I suddenly heard Natalie Don’t (Acoustic)… If you look at a photo with this music, you get something absolutely incredible!

Iren Adler version:

This original striped dress has already participated in no less original nude photo shoots (if you are interested, click on the links) – “Striped dress and tea. In the rotunda.” and “Red Holiday in the style of Liberty. Part 4. Iren.

It also appears in the sequel to this photo set, taken a few minutes later – “Red Dance on the Stairs.

This dress is my favorite!

First, vertical stripes make the figure slimmer and taller, which is very important for us girls ?

Secondly, the long slits on the sides and the hem of the dress are shorter in front than in the back, making this dress ideal for nude photo shoots. Demonstration of the advantages in my performance – in the photo!

The non-stop photo day continues…

My photographers (Pablo Incognito and his friend, a sports photographer) follow me with their cameras from 6 am and capture the most spicy moments in two lenses. For the whole day they shot about 10 thousand shots!

Their task is not to miss anything, because photo shoots do not last long – from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the location and situation (there are passers-by – we need to be extremely careful, or the street is completely empty – we can be outrageous).

Photosets taken that day and already published in the Pablo Incognito Gallery:

Pablo Incognito’s website hosts an online photo exhibition “Photo of one day” (open from March 29 to April 11, 2021) and the maestro posts a new photoset or video every day. You will be able to determine which of the plots was shot on this day, paying attention to the technical information under the description — Date and time of the start of shooting: 2019.09.07 (attention to the date!).

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