If you listen to Argentine tango and watch this photoset, you involuntarily recall the catch phrase from the movie “The Diamond Arm”: “russo turisto — obliko morale!” (Russian tourist — moral character!).

This was the idea of ​​the photoset — to show the image of a woman waiting for her… client (or a loved one, whatever you like). She is already ready for anything, because apart from a dress, a hat and sandals there is nothing else on her!

I hope we managed to embody an interesting image!

My Iren Adler — she is so extraordinary!…

This photoset, like others, was shot non-stop:

And all this in a photo trip, which we started at six in the morning on Moskovskaya Street, rushed with short nude photosets around the city, got to Yuzhny and sunbathed on a nudist beach. As a result, we returned to Nikolaev, having finished this crazy photo day at ten in the evening near the house in the parking lot with another photo session.

P.S. Photo sessions were filmed in two cameras (Pablo Incognito and his friend, a professional sports photographer), about 10 thousand frames were shot during the whole photo day!

P.S.S. You can independently calculate the photosets taken on this photo day using the technical information Date and time of the start of shooting: 2019.09.07 – all attention to the date (information for attentive and keen on erotic content viewers)!

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