Every man, probably, dreams that his beloved woman was (as the saying goes):

  • the housewife is at home;
  • the queen is visiting;
  • the courtesan in bed!

The photoset “Cleaning Technique”, taken early in the morning in the very center of the city near a shop of vacuum cleaners of famous brands, was one of 25 subjects of this endlessly long photo day. That was when we first tried to shoot nude photo shoots almost non-stop.

And we liked it so much that we practice it at the first opportunity, of course, combining the useful with the pleasant – photo shoots in the genres of “Nude”, “Glamor” and “Pin-up” with traveling in an interesting company and active recreation, for example, on wild beaches.

We started this photo day not very early 🙂 — at 6:40 we filmed a short plot (photoset and video backstage) near the Strawberry sex shop. Then we drove down Moskovskaya, took pictures on the upper and lower embankments of the BAM, and got to Victory Park. Then we got into our car and rushed to the sea!

On the way, we looked at the windmills:

For the rest of the day, we settled on a wild (nudity) beach in the South, and there, too, “lit up”:

And they finished this crazy day for entertainment and impressions with a photoset near their house:

These are not all of the photosets taken that day. Gradually, they will appear in the Pablo Incognito gallery (they just “stand” and wait for their turn – this is the custom of the maestro – to “lay off” the footage 🙂 🙂 🙂 ).

If you are hooked on something in the photoset, and you are interested, you can independently calculate whether the photoset you liked was shot that day. It is enough to pay attention to the service information under each photoset — Date and time of the start of shooting: 2019.09.07 (all attention to this date!).

P.S. Any housewife can arrange a striptease in the kitchen, if desired, but is it too weak for you to arrange the same on the street?

P.S.S. The shooting was carried out in two cameras. Pablo was assisted by his friend and colleague – a professional sports photographer, who is very attentive to our delicate, but very piquant creativity. And he tries to help us whenever he gets the chance 🙂

During the day, both photographers shot about 10 thousand frames — this kind of wealth “languishes” in the archive and is waiting for its finest hour!

Iren Adler

During this photo shoot, we also filmed a backstage video:

Відео бекстейдж до ню-фотосесії біля магазину пилососів. Фотограф Пабло Інкогніто

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  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Хозяюшка! Мечта, а не женщина!
    Неужели вас не застукали? Не верю!!!

    • PabloIncognito

      А вы посмотрите видео! Там ответ на ваш вопрос 🙂

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