If you have strawberries in the morning, then the day will be good!

This is a very short video! And very dynamic!

We did not have the opportunity to repeat the photo and video shooting. Despite the early morning, the street was very busy. Passers-by interfered with us, but we did not really interfere with them – everyone was busy with their own affairs …

You can read how everything happened in the description of the photoset “Morning. Strawberry. (click the link).

And yes, this is the first photoset of our photo day “non-stop”, which began early in the morning and ended late in the evening (all photosets of this day are marked with technical information — Date and time of the start of shooting: 2019.09.07 – attention to the date!). If you are interested, you can find these photosets yourself.

For the entire photo day, about 25 photo plots were shot and about 10 thousand frames were shot in two cameras, and, of course, video backstages for them. Visit the site more often, every day we publish something new, sometimes “hot” 🙂

P.S. And we will not be offended at all, but on the contrary, we will be delighted if you sincerely comment on our work. We are glad to receive feedback from our beloved audience!!!

Iren Adler

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