You always want strawberries, especially in the morning, right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

When we were going to shoot this photoset, we thought that 6 am was the right time — the city was asleep, there would be no passers–by. It was not there!

Arriving at the place and choosing a point of view, we set up for shooting. But here, out of nowhere, a group of teenagers, about eight people — they walked down the street and laughed loudly. And this is at 6 am!

A couple of minutes later a cyclist rushed by, followed by another. A truck arrived and began unloading goods at the corner of the street. In short, the situation was nervous, at least for me 🙁 .

We try to shoot our spicy scenes so as not to embarrass passers–by. This time, passers–by embarrassed me!..

The specificity of our delicate genre lies in the fact that we have very little time at our disposal for shooting a nude photo shoot on the street — 5–10 minutes, and sometimes even one minute (in the Pablo Incognito gallery such photosets are marked with technical information — Shooting time: 0: 01, pay attention!).

So my task was very simple. I had to stand near the facade of the Strawberry sex shop, wrapped in a long section of red organza, then throw it off erotically, and, remaining in only shoes and a red mask (incognito, so to speak), parade a few meters down the street completely naked. I did that.

As a result, we have this photoset and video backstage to it (short, but very dynamic).

Бэкстейдж фотосессии “Ню” возле секс-шопа. Видео Пабло Инкогнито

Happy viewing!

Iren Adler

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