At sunset in the summer by the river
you are wearing a black dress.
Barefoot on the grass — uncomfortable —
and on my feet — red shoes!

The dress is as long as your long legs
breasts are round, firm…
Show yourself beautiful, madam!
Shoes — let them stay, but take off your dress …

You took off your clothes for a second
you became brighter than the sun!
And… you put on everything again,
and the sunset is gone… and you are gone.

© Pablo Incognito, 2021

On this day we filmed the photo story “Sherlock. Scandal in N sity” to participate in the collective photo project ” Amplua-2 “, organized by the Russian Drama Theater in our hometown.

Since I have already tried on the “combat outfit” and even walked naked along the track in the “Sherlock. After the date ”, we decided to look into a quiet place – the picturesque bank of the Southern Bug River in the village of Balovnoye, not far from the city.

The weather was summer, although it was September 29 on the calendar 🙂 Pablo did not look at the shooting date when he called this photoset 🙂 Well, okay, that’s not the main thing!

Taking with us a long black dress with a bright print, which was in harmony with red stiletto heels, we arrived at the shooting location. I also wanted to play a little naughty, as on the track, but the coast was crowded. People were actively picnicking and voices and cheerful laughter were heard from all sides … The air smelled of barbecue.

I was not ready for a striptease, I had enough extreme in “Sherlock”, when my partner-actors “lost the gift of speech” when I took off my dress and remained in front of them in only shoes.

I wanted a photo shoot in the “Glamor” genre – gentle and touching, well, maybe with a slight highlight of my new bikini-haircut. Pablo didn’t mind. He does not command his muses at all (as he calls nude models). The girls move in a way that suits them, and he tries to capture successful moments full of emotions in the photo. That’s how it was at this photo session. I was calm and this feeling, as it seems to me, is present in the frame. Although vacationers undoubtedly interfered with us … One even tried to spy, hiding behind the bushes. It would be better if he just went out and looked quietly!

Iren Adler

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