After a three-week break, spent fighting the seasonal virus that mowed half of the city, I realized that without photo activity I “lose my shape”.

The body demanded photo shoots, it is they, and not fitness or yoga, that keep it in perfect shape.

Pablo called a friend who, four months ago, offered his favorite car as an accessory for a nude photo shoot. A black, tuned Ford with a large “Police” lettering on both sides makes fantasies go wild: from a police officer who has caught a butterfly to a woman driver who breaks the rules…

But, unfortunately, finding a brutal handsome policeman who would agree to participate in such an undertaking, even with a camouflage silhouette in the background, turned out to be an impossible task at that time. Therefore, it was decided to just start a photo session and, if you are lucky, the plot will arise by itself.

We met and decided that a quiet place overlooking the river under the big city bridge would be the best location. Have arrived. Found a place. We started looking for angles that are beneficial for both the model and the car.

And then the guard of the territory appeared right out of thin air, who politely and very persistently asked us to leave. We explained to him that we would leave in 10 minutes and the guard left. But, I am more than sure that he was watching us from hiding – he was such a responsible person.

This is not the first photo shoot where a viewer is present. Usually, the one who is present does not hesitate and looks at me, I am “excited” from this, and the result is erotic! But if the viewer is shy and hides, I also feel embarrassed, and this is reflected in the picture.

We started taking photos. A beautiful girl in a black cardigan, high heels and black glasses of a “predatory” shape harmonizes perfectly with the “shark’s muzzle” of a car … The image of a girl sitting in the driver’s seat with a white porcelain cup of tea with her head bowed … The plots were quite original and make you think – what, in fact, could have happened to her…

Then, when the beautiful woman began to undress, it became clear that the “morality police” are very liberated and self-confident!

Ten minutes have passed, a lot of frames have been taken. We finished the photo session. We got into the cars and went to look for other locations.

Iren Adler

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  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    Смотрю уже далек не первую Вашу сессию….и складывается мнение, что красота Ирен и Ваш профессионализм – отличное сочетание!
    Только не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, развивайтесь и дальше!

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