This story is the end of an unusual photo walk, which began one sunny autumn day under the large city bridge “Police. Under the bridge.”, and continued in the abandoned, as it seemed to us, Park “Police. In the park.”

Our third location is the dilapidated building of the House of Culture on Temvoda. This is Pablo’s favorite place. To be honest, I don’t know why. Once, when there were still pilasters on the facade and there wasn’t so much construction debris, it looked romantic. Such a majestic building of the times of the USSR looked majestic among the green thickets of an abandoned park. But the vandals did their job and now it is a gloomy sight. But Pablo likes it, and therefore we will not argue with the maestro!

Black poncho of lace weaving with fringe, long tanned legs in shoes with an a la la espiola membrane, a cool car with a large inscription “Police” on both sides. I’m sure the driver was repeatedly stopped by the local police with a claim to such a defiant tuning, but he is not a timid guy, and he is very proud of his typewriter. All this beauty and the nearby dilapidated “soviet” building are dissonance that attracts attention. At the end, our companion relaxed and was no longer shy, carefully following the process. He offered a real gun as an accessory (warning that he was completely legal). I gladly agreed to pose with the “pestle” (as he called it). Pablo “shot” a couple more successful shots.

Fuh! We finished the photo walk! Satisfied went about their business. After a couple of hours, the owner of a unique car received the first four photos and was very pleased, especially from the location under the bridge.

Iren Adler

See also the beginning of the «Police. Under the bridge.» and the previous series of «Police. In the park.»

  1. Lerson
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    Отличная задумка!
    И снято великолепно!

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