This story is part of one large photo walk that began one sunny autumn day under a large city bridge, and was called “Police. Under the bridge.”

The second location was very close. The abandoned alley of the autumn park, lit by the scorching autumn sun (October 16, +26 in the shade), to our surprise, was very crowded. People walked along it at intervals of 3–5 minutes: a man with a dog, a flock of boys going to training, young parents with a stroller and just lonely travelers prevented us from “relaxing”. But we, accustomed to working in such a “nervous” environment, still took great pictures!

Our companion, the owner of Ford, is already a little bolder and more comfortable. Looking at the frantic traffic of passers-by, he became “on the line”, and tried to give signals when someone approached us. But my eighteen–year–old experience of photographing, including on the street and in public places, helped to “feel with my skin” the approaching intruder.

The image of an elegant lady in a long evening black dress with an open back and a long string of pearl beads in an autumn park looked unexpected. But the big black sedan surprisingly harmonized the picture. A necklace on a neck, on a hand, on a naked body is an excellent accessory. The fabric of the dress was beautifully draped when I opened the leg, and the soft tails emphasized the roundness of the shapes.

According to established tradition, the lady was completely naked, but not for long, since we are not trying to shock casual passers–by. A couple of minutes completely naked + a gentle tan in the bonus + excellent romantic and exciting frames — this is the result that we aimed for…

Iren Adler

See also the beginning of the “Police. Under the bridge.” and the next episode of “Police. At Temvod.”

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