On this warm September morning I were shooting a private photoset in the “Nude” genre — a girl on the beach. She posed for the first time and was very worried. I cannot show her photo, that was the agreement…

It was in the morning at the far end of the spit on the Namyv, in Nikolaev. Iren Adler talks about this native area for her in a very interesting way in the description for the photoshoot “Girl from the Namyv”, and the photoset itself is also very interesting. I advise you to watch, click on the link and enjoy...

The haze over the river and the pleasant sun created a romantic atmosphere, and the complete absence of people at this time made it possible to completely relax.

After the quite successful shooting of our girl, where Iren Adler helped her in every possible way to tune in and prompt her throughout the scene, my muse also decided to pose a little. And this is what we see as a result:

  • red panties
  • red mask
  • red gloves
  • white mesh cape
  • view of the river in a light morning haze
  • almost mirror calm
  • panorama of the Varvarovsky bridge on the horizon
  • and, of course, a small, but bright and frank striptease!

This was not the only striptease from Irene this morning;) but, as they say, a little good!

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    super super super

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      Thank you Thank you Thank you

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