Godmother Iren Adler bought the dress over the Internet. It didn’t suit her, but it did fit our heroine Iren… So, a nude photo shoot on the street in a red striped dress!

In the middle of the working day, literally for 15–20 minutes we “escaped” from work. We decided that the rotunda (gazebo) at the old chess club is just right for a small photo shoot with this new thing!

When we got out of the car (I won’t even talk about changing clothes in the middle of the parking lot in the car), we immediately attracted the attention of passing cars. The dress in the middle is fastened with buttons that end at the bottom too high (apparently, there should still be shorts or a short skirt, and we had nothing under the dress). Plus a red mask! But we understood this when we walked to our gazebo, after we noticed the genuine interest of those around us – pedestrians and drivers!

A young couple was walking in the rotunda with a child, who soon left, and two more men were sitting on the edge and were talking peacefully about something of their own. To almost not see us, we settled down on the side adjacent to the construction fence (the chess club itself is under repair).

A nude photo session in the street in a red dress went “easy.” The most spectacular, of course, were frames with a completely unbuttoned dress! If someone saw her at this moment! Of course, the long cuts helped to make exactly those crazy shots for which this outfit was bought.

Iren took a white cup and saucer with her. She has such a “chip” recently – to take a cup for shooting. She, this cup, and became that part of the composition, which allowed to come up with a name about tea.

On the way back to the car, we met two girls. By the look of Iren Adler, the technique is in my hands (or just they recognized me – my photo exhibition “nude” was recently held in the city), they realized that there could just be a spectacular photo shoot of a nude on the street! When the model got into the car, they let me know that, delighted with our shocking and my model, they smiled and looked in our direction. My actress was also happy!

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  1. Александр
    | Reply

    Супер!!!!!!! Ранние работы с 2002 года есть?

    • Pablo

      Спасибо! Немного есть и с 2002 года, и позже. Потихоньку всё увидим.

  2. Lerson
    | Reply

    Также хочется еще увидеть Ваши ранние работы!
    очень интересно видеть развитие

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