Striptease is the most exciting spectacle that a woman can perform for a man.

Pablo’s friend borrowed his camera for one evening, with which he photographs sports competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. The device is “serious”, with a large professional lens. And very hard 🙂 (as Pablo later admitted).

We drove to an abandoned park located near the Zorya–Mashproekt plant. The place is deserted and very atmospheric — the perfect background for erotic photos!

As an outfit, I chose a burgundy knitted dress and matching shoes with a wide fastener. I wanted Pablo to take a photo of my model bikini–haircut, which he had done for me in the morning. Yes, he is not only a nude photographer, but also a master of women’s intimate hairstyles (though he has only one client so far — me 😉 ).

Since all our nude photo shoots are family entertainment, they often contain too candid shots, which, of course, Pablo does not publish, due to his intimacy. Only from my haughty look in the photographs you can guess which photos were not included in this photo story… And Pablo also says that in the most candid poses I have an arrogant look — and it amuses him very much 😉

Iren Adler

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