Ordinary married couples in our area, walking in the evening before going to bed, walk peacefully talking about something. But not us…

Pablo sees beauty even in a street lamp. He is especially beautiful at night. And only the dance of a naked girl can make the night picture even more colorful in the light of a lantern.

We also walked this evening. We wandered the neighboring streets. Dreamed of a future site (and we have it now 🙂 . And, seeing a lone lantern, the light of which shone a warm yellow (although Pablo decided to show this photoset in black and white contrast), we, without saying a word, simultaneously said to each other: “Let’s make a couple of shots!”. And laughed. People who have been together for a long time, even see the world the same way.

In summer I like to walk without panties. I choose such dresses under which it is not visible that I am without linen and I go to myself in pleasure 🙂 . If did not try — try, you will like! It’s even a little exciting 😉

Here and this time I did not wear them. So I quickly took off her light dress and started posing for my favorite photographer. A melody was spinning in my head and I was moving in time with it. Probably that’s why, showing these shots, Pablo called this photoset. It was a long time ago and a lot has been forgotten, but my feelings and emotions are preserved in the photo.

Tip. To feel the melody of nude dance, I recommend flipping through the photos quickly enough, changing the picture every 2-3 seconds. And, I’m sure, you will feel the rhythm of the melody to which I danced that warm summer evening 🙂

And if you share your impressions in the comments, I will be very grateful to you personally!

Yours, Iren Adler

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  1. Mark
    | Reply

    Exquisite body, lighting and location, and the situation and the way you describe it is heavenly to read, to hear in the mind and to imagine being a part of. So thrilling in every way!

    • PabloIncognito

      Thank you for your emotional comment!

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