Ah, Odessa — a pearl by the sea — an ideal location for nude photo sessions.

Pablo loves Odessa. Here you can take photo sessions in the Nude genre in a crowded place, for example, on the Potemkin Stairs or near the Vorontsov Colonnade, and no one will make a remark. At least — they will pretend that they did not see anything, at the maximum — you will hear an original compliment.

Odessans are very hospitable, tolerant and love to meet sunrises. We were very surprised to learn about this Odessa tradition. Even before dawn at 4 am there will be spectators — “dog lovers”, couples in love or tik–tokers.

The square near Deribas turned out to be an interesting location. Despite the fact that it is adjacent to a busy roadway, drivers and passengers cannot see what is happening in the shade of dense trees.

It’s nice, I tell you, blow bubbles. Childish fun! And if this activity is combined with a photo shoot in the Nude genre, then you get an original story.

We took advantage of the intimate atmosphere of the square and filmed several short stories. All of them are already published on the site. Follow the links and enjoy:

See also the video backstage from this photoset:

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