This is my wildest walk to date! And that’s why…

The desire to shoot a photo session “Nude” near the main attraction of Odessa – the monument to Duke near the Potemkin Stairs, has been ripening in Pablo’s head for a whole year. We got together for a long time. Finally we got together and went to Odessa to, as it turned out, “meet the dawn” :).

Odessans have such a tradition – to meet the sunrises. They do it wherever the sea is visible – on the beach, on the embankment and even on the Potemkin Stairs. The dawn here is especially spectacular, because the sun rises over the seaport, and not just over the surface of the sea.

To be honest, when we arrived at the place at 6 in the morning, we were very surprised by the number of people on the stairs and at the monument to Duke, because we did not expect that there would be so many of them (we do not take into account the janitors, they are ubiquitous, at least in Odessa :).

For the walk, I chose a translucent dress made of black tulle, decorated with chic blue flowers, and the image was complemented by bright blue shoes. In general, a spectacular beauty turned out, a bit retro!

So there you go! I tuned in, dressed up, and nothing and no one could change my plans … So I proudly raised my head and walked, realizing that if someone looked at me, they would see that there was no underwear under the dress. Shocking, so full of it!

I had an experience of similar antics during the shooting, when we filmed on the yacht “Liberty” in the photoset “Red holiday in Liberty style. Part 6. Shocking Iren.”, however, there were practically no bystanders on the Nikolaev embankment, only the yacht’s team watched me from the wheelhouse.

And here I had a lot of spectators. I tried not to look at anyone, so as not to be embarrassed myself or not to embarrass someone with my insolent glance. Whether anyone was watching me, whether this spectacle was filmed on a smartphone – I do not know. Even if it was, I think that the audience was lucky and they will remember this blue dawn for a long time!

Iren Adler

See also the video backstage to this daring photoset:

Відео прогулянка в прозорій сукні біля Дюка в Одесі. Фото Пабло Інкогніто

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